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Cowboy Kids Costumes


It’s time to grab a wide-brimmed hat, chaps and spurs to delight and excite your young buckaroo in a kids cowboy costume!

Get ready to round ‘em up and move ‘em along in a cowboy kids costume for Halloween. There’s plenty of adventure in the Old West. The rough and wild frontier is full of cattle to be roped, horses to be captured and tamed and rustlers to be arrested.

Cowboys first captured the public imagination during the large-scale cattle drives north from Texas in the period just after the American Civil War (1861–65).  The cowboy developed a functional manner of dress that suited his unique lifestyle and was chosen for rough wear and tear. Some of the key elements of cowboy attire include:

  • A BANDANNA to be pulled over the mouth to keep dust away.
  • A VEST with pockets.
  • GLOVES soft and flexible enough for working purposes, yet providing protection when handling barbed wire, assorted tools or clearing native brush and vegetation.
  • Leather CHAPS to protect the legs from cattle horns, rope burns, scratches and scrapes.
  • High leather BOOTS to keep out pebbles and dirt. Pointed toes made it easy to slip the boots into the stirups.

Renegade Cowboy CostumeHere’s where the Renegade Cowboy Costume shines. It includes all the basics your little wrangler needs as he enters the world of the Wild Wild West. Although this western outfit does not include chaps, it does come with a cool looking brown duster and a cowboy belt with bullets. This will certainly come in handy should any rustlers come around.

Add a toy cowboy gun or rifle and this Rawhide Renegade will be ready for action. The gun, of course, is for good and not evil. In fact, most cowboys only used a gun for protection from dangers, such as hostile American Indians, rattlesnakes, wild animals and cattle rustlers.

Ride A Pony Child Costume

For the little cowboy that also needs a horse while out on the range, the Ride A Pony Costume fits the bill. This fun costume includes a 3-D horse with suspenders and is available in black and brown. The hat, bandanna, shirt and pants are not included.

Like Bill Pickett, your little cowboy can use this outfit to show off some riding, roping and bronco-busting skills.

Now everyone knows that the West is not complete without a sheriff around. After all, someone needs to protect the women and children. And it’s alsoWild West Wrangler Toddler/Child Costume a good idea to make sure law and order prevail.

The Wild West Wrangler Costume establishes authority right off the bat with its sheriff badge. The cowboy outfit also includes a blue jumpsuit with attached chaps, black vest, belt with holster and silver buckle, a hat and red scarf.

Reminiscent of “Wild Bill” Hickok, the Wrangler Costume can inspire your little one to truly take the law into their own hands. Just make sure to remind them that with this responsibility comes bravery.  And, if he learns some marksmen skill, he may even be able to create his own Wild West show.

Cowboy Costume KitFor the veteran cowboy who needs a quick upgrade to his wardrobe, the Cowboy Costume Kit should do the trick. Whether it’s for Halloween or year round fun, this kit includes a cowboy hat, fringed vest, chaps, holster, spurs, canteen and badge for good measure.

The cowboy kids costume is a part of American Tradition. Cowboy clothing was dictated by necessity because cowboys needed to carry everything they needed on themselves or their horse.

As you’re shopping for your little gunslingers cowboy outfit, don’t forget the cowboy boots. To get more information about cowboys, visit the National Cowboy Museum.

And once your little cowboy is geared up, it will be time to introduce him to the junior rodeo. With some training and determination, he can start off with some calf riding, steer riding and ribbon roping. Before you know it, he’ll be ready to compete against some of the best in his age group in a rodeo show. Kids as young as four years old can participate in some events, such as Mutton Bustin’.